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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

portraits and exclusive framing for my love's birthday present

salam sahabat buat skalian~
wah2...mood hepi nih. nk tlis entry baru ni..tp ms klas pg td, pnsyarah cadang pkai bhsa inggeris.. t snang nk dpt hits kt google search. ole itu..mari memula lintang pukangkan bhs itu skrg..

today is my special day, im really glad coz i had done framed my 2 portraits drawing. as u can see my post before, there were 2 portraits; muhammad danish zaquan an i with my GF.. these portraits will be given to my lovely GF as a belated birthday present. im so busy before to complete it, but mnaged to do so after almost 3 weeks of her birthday.. heheee,im sorry dear..my bad..
actually, this couple portrait of ourself is my first couple portrait i ever draw since i am studying in IPG Kampus Perlis.. im also happy for the exclusive looking frame.. the single one is made by black wood+black mounting board+ non reflected glass & the other one is made by clean dark mahogany wood+black mounting board+ non reflected glass.. hohooo..it is cheaper than i thought for both of it. from now, i will mark that "KANG LEONG GLASS FRAME" as my official artworks frame centre. it is not bcoz of the price, but the owner services..he is really kind person and he also remember my name although i only been there for once before..hahaaa..

simpul simpulan bahasa sanskrit: penat tulis lam bi ni. ish2....


  1. Cadangan saya.... better guna bahasa Inggeris sebenar dari bahasa Inggeris pasar... Lagi senang dapat hit.... Logik nyer, hanya di asia sahaja yang menggunakan bahasa inggeris pasar, tempat lain xder...

    just my 50 sen

  2. xpyah pkai english sbenar pon xpe kot.. sbb blog ni bkn blog ilmiah nk baku dr a-z.. hits dikira dlm byk kriteria.. kdang2 satu keyword atau pkataan yg slalu dgunapakai pon akn bg hits yg tinggi.. neway, thanks 4 the comments, maybe some parts like arts talks either articles or quotations will be put in standard english soon.

  3. yes..a very good start with your english n3 post!
    just express what's on your mind...
    - from pn. mashita


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